Illustrator Animals
One of the major Elements of Visual Design is the line. It is often referred to the most basic element of design, yet this simple element functions in complex ways. Used effectively, line expresses a variety of verbal and visual concepts. Line works either by itself or in conjunction with other lines to communicate messages and impact the audience. I took simple line elements and combined them into something complex.
IllustrationDigital Art
This series of artwork I created in the summer of 2013.  The hummingbird was the first creation to emerge, with the animals to follow. I spent the most time developing the hummingbird - focusing on the style and the way I wanted the lines to be treated. Once I had come to a successful solution for the hummingbird, I decided to try to push myself into creating the other animals. This series is almost constantly changing and being added to as I try to find what fits best and what works most successfully with each animal.

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